Sage Line 50 tutorial is designed for book-keeping software, in this blog we will teach you how to use this software. In sage line 50 blog you will learn about how to install and operate Sage Line 50 and how to install on network.

Products - Returned products

You can use Sage Accounts to record all of the products or services you sell and store information such as description, sale price and units of sale for each item you hold in stock.

The Products window automatically displays all of your products, one line per Product Record. When you are planning your stock system, the product codes you enter need to be as descriptive as possible so that you can locate the product quickly.

Each time you create a new Product Record, you need to enter details such as sales nominal code, department, tax code, and so on. If most of your products have the same defaults, you can set up default information that appears automatically in any new Product Records that you create.

Financials - VAT return payment

Many businesses using Sage Accounts are VAT registered, which means that for each VAT period they must produce and reconcile their VAT Return. This article is a guide to reconciling transactions that are dated in a previous VAT period but are not flagged as VAT reconciled.

In this video you will learn how to do VAT Return and reconcile in Financial module.

Sorting Customer Records in Sage Line 50

You can sort your customers or suppliers by any of the columns that appear in the Customers or Suppliers module.

To sort your Customers or Supplers module in numeric or alphabetical order of a column, click on the column title. For example, if you want your Customers or Suppliers module to be in alphabetical order of the Account Name, click Name. If you want your Customers or Suppliers module to be in numeric order of the Account balance, click Balance.

If you want to reverse the order of your Customers or Suppliers module, click the title of the column twice. For example, if you want your Customers or Suppliers module to be in reverse balance order, click Balance, the list resorts into balance order, then click Balance to reverse the order.

How to raise customer statements

A statement is generated for each customer. You can choose to show only outstanding transactions or all transactions within a date range. The layouts can be customised to suit your needs and can all be run retrospectively by selecting the Exc Later Payments check box in the report criteria. The reports are available in:

This video will show you how to raise customer statements.

How to Change program date

In this video you will learn how to change programme date, sometime you wanted to post too many invoices in the same date and every time you have to change date, so best if you change programme date that way you dont have to change date at all. But dont forget to change it back to today date other wise you might post some wrong date invoices.

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