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Entering Supplier Defaults

Each time you create a new supplier record, you are asked to enter details such as credit limit,
terms and discount. If you have the same terms with most of your suppliers, you can use the
defaults to save you time when creating supplier records. Defaults mean that you do not have
to enter the same information over and over again, into each record. If you need to, you can
override the defaults shown in a record. If every supplier is different, do not set up your supplier defaults.

Use the Supplier Defaults option to set up the defaults that appear on each supplier record that
you create. Within this option, you can also set your supplier aged balance defaults. This is the
time period in which you have to pay a particular supplier. For example, one supplier may expect payment within 30 days, but another may give you 90 days to pay your outstanding balances.

To enter your supplier defaults

1. From the Settings menu choose Supplier Defaults.The Supplier Defaults window appears.

2. Use the Record tab to enter your suppliers information. Press the F1 key to open the help
system for more information about your Supplier Record Defaults.

3. Use the Ageing tab to set the defaults for your suppliers’ aged balance reports.

4. To save your entries and exit, click OK. To exit without saving, click Cancel.
The defaults you have entered here appear on any new supplier records you create. You
can change these defaults on each individual supplier record if necessary.


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