Sage Line 50 tutorial is designed for book-keeping software, in this blog we will teach you how to use this software. In sage line 50 blog you will learn about how to install and operate Sage Line 50 and how to install on network.

Passwords and Access Rights

The Access Rights feature lets you set individual passwords for each person who uses Sage
Line 50. You can even restrict which ledgers, menus and windows each user can access. For
example, you can hide nominal and bank balances from certain users.

To be able to set up your access rights, you must log in as Manager.

Note: The Access Rights option is only available if you select the 'Access Rights' check box on
the Parameters tab of Company Preferences.

To create a new user

1. Open the Settings menu and choose Access Rights.
2. Click New.
The Create New User window appears.

3. Enter a logon name and a password for your new user in the boxes provided.

4. Set the access you are giving the new user from the options provided.

5. To save the new user’s details, click Save. To clear the details without saving, click Discard.

6. To exit the Create New User window, click Close.

To assign access rights to options

1. From the User’s list on the User Access Rights window, select the user whose access
rights you want to assign.

2. Click Details.
The Access Details list appears showing all of the options and menus in Sage Line 50 that
can have access rights attached. The user’s current access status for each option is also
shown as full, partial or none.

3. To change the access status of any of the options, click Modules.
The Option List window appears.

Full Access Select this option to give the user unlimited access to all parts
of Sage Line 50. You can modify these options later if you

4. Select each option you want to change from the list, then select whether the user is to be
given full access or no access to the option. Click OK.

5. If you want to give partial access to modules within Sage Line 50, select the module you
require and click Dialogs.

6. Select each window you want to change from the list, then select whether the user is to
be given full access or no access to the window. Click OK.

7. To return to the User Access Rights window, click Close.

Changing Your Password

You can use the Change Password option to:
Enter your company password.
Change your company password.
Change your user passwords if you are using access rights.


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