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Entering, Editing and Deleting Nominal Records

Even if you have chosen to use one of the default nominal structures, you will probably need to make changes to the records so that it fits your own business requirements.

There are three ways of amending Sage Line 50’s default nominal structure:

  • Delete the existing records that you do not need.
  • Edit some of the existing default account codes.
  • Enter extra account codes that you require.
Deleting Nominal Records

To delete nominal records that you do not need, click Nominal, highlight the records you no longer require and then click Delete.

Note: You cannot delete a nominal record if it has any of the following:
  • Transactions associated with the nominal record.
  • A balance that is anything but zero.
  • If it is a nominal record that is also a control account.
Editing Nominal Records

When you look through the nominal codes that have been created automatically, you may find some that your business will need but you would like to rename them so they are more meaningful to you. To do this, from the main Sage Line 50 toolbar, click Nominal then Record. Select the nominal record you want to change from the drop-down list, remove the old name and type the new name you require in its place.

Entering Nominal Records

Use the Record button in the Nominal Ledger window to change the nominal accounts to suit your needs. If you prefer, you can use the Wizard to guide you step-by-step through the process by clicking the New button. Alternatively, you can copy an existing record’s details using the duplicate facility.

Note: You cannot use the Duplicate facility to create control or bank accounts in the Nominal Ledger. When you duplicate an existing nominal record, Line 50 automatically sets the record
type to Nominal.


Archi said...

im opened a nominal account and accidentally chose an opening balance.I want to delete the entire thing as its a sundry creditor,bank receipt accounting entry.Could you help me rectify this please

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