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Deleting customer or supplier records

You can sometimes delete a record from the Suppliers screen by just highlighting the record and clicking delete.

If that doesn't work try going into the Suppliers Record from the Suppliers screen and clicking delete there.

If neither work, try posting a credit or invoice to the same supplier which will take the supplier balance back to ZERO. Then go to Bank, Supplier, select the supplier and in the Payment column click 'Pay in full' to them all.

Once it leaves a zero balance you could try the above two options again to delete the supplier record. At least the Supplier account will be back to zero again and you can start again although the correction you made will remain.

Even if you post a credit to canel the invoice or Visa-Versa, You still can't delete the account as it has a recent transaction on it.

The only other option is (and I advise caution on this) is to amend or delete it in the corrections menu. File > Maintenance > Corrections

But make sure you are 100% that it is the correct record, that you are going to delete or change


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