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The morning shift for working mums…

Everyday seems a bit like Groundhog Day, from the moment my eyes open at 6.00 a.m. I am subjected to a tsunami of things-to-do and decisions-to-make flooding simultaneously through my mind.

What shall I wear to work? Have I got any fresh bread for the packed lunches? Is it PE day? Have they done their homework? What shall we have for tea? Have I prepped for my management meeting? I must get cash to pay for Judo lessons. I must remember to put the bins out – is it blue bin week, brown bin week or green bin week? What happened to just having one bin – life was much simpler then. OMG, my eyebrows need waxed!

The Morning Shift for working Mum’s is quite simply 90 minutes of Swiss clock precision timing – if I have my children fed, dressed, teeth cleaned, school bags, lunch bags, PE bags and 2 x water bottles in the car by 7:45 on the dot and there hasn’t been any major G8-summit-style negotiations on sandwich fillers (usually a hugely complex battle between ham or tuna), my day starts well and I drop them off at Breakfast Club with a loving kiss and cuddle.

Occasionally, I have a ‘Bonus Day’ when I’m wearing something coordinated and I had a Moment-of-Delight when the dishwasher was empty as I went to put the breakfast dishes in. However, the moment my car door shuts after dropping the boys off I have a mental transformation from Mum to Marketing Manager.

The 40 minute drive to work is equivalent to a mental workout at the gym – I arrive with a cerebral list of things to do which has been prioritised, planned and programmed to maximise efficiency and delivery. I boot up the laptop, grab a coffee and I’m hot to trot. Those are the good days, which, given the complexity of the universe within which I operate, are few and far between. More often that not something happens between the early hours of 6.00am and 8.30 am to unbalance the perfect equilibrium which is required to enable me to arrive a work feeling like a woman-in-control.

Then, this morning I had an epiphany. I suddenly thought – hang on there just one minute. I have spent the last 11 years of my professional life marketing the truly tangible benefits that Sage software can bring to your business. It’ll make your business more efficient, save you time, save you money, help you reduce the stuff that zaps your time and let you concentrate on the things that matter…the list goes on. All of which sounds exactly what I need in my life as a working Mum. So do you know what? The very next call I make after I finish this blog will be to the Head of R&D to explore a software solution for working Mums, something miraculous to help me and no doubt millions of others achieve some of that efficiency and time effectiveness in my Mummy-life.

Now wouldn’t that be worth having?

Rebecca Barnett, Sage HR and Payroll


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