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Sage 50 Accounts 2011 Available Now

New Features & Improvements

§     The UK Flat rate VAT scheme

This scheme was introduced by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to simplify VAT for small businesses. Your software now supports this VAT scheme from recording your day to day business transactions, producing your VAT Return through to paying HMRC.

§     Bank reconciliation

While reconciling a bank account you can now add customer receipts or refunds as well as supplier payments and refunds to adjust your records. The Retrospective Bank Reconciliation report has been updated so that it now looks like a bank statement. A progress bar is displayed while your software is performing a reconciliation.

§     Emailing documents

Emailing certain documents has been simplified. Any document you want to generate from your software can be directly sent to email, provided you are using Microsoft Outlook or an Internet email service such as Google Mail.When you generate a document your software uses a layout to control what is included in the document and how it looks. The layout includes email options, which also control who the document is going to, a subject for the email, the format of document, perhaps you want to send it as a PDF, if the information is embedded in the email or attached as a document, whether the email is sent straightaway or put into your Inbox ready to send.

§     Sage Pay

You can now import your web sales from your Sage Pay account to Sage 50 Accounts. By downloading payments from your Sage Pay account your software now creates invoices and updates your accounts for you.

§     Charities (non-profit organisation)

A Profit and Loss and a Balance Sheet report can now be generated for each fund. Also, by choosing the chart of accounts for Charities when you install your Sage 50 Accounts, your software is automatically set for the needs of a non-profit organisation..

§     Sage Services (UK only)

You can now access a range of services directly from your software. Use the link to register online with us to create a Sage Login. Then record your login details in your software to access the services seamlessly

§     Favourite views

You can now set the software so that each time it opens it displays the area you use most often. You can also set your financial ledgers to display in list form, as a process map or as dashboard information.

§     Practical changes to several areas

A quick date selection icon has been introduced to the report criteria screens. e.g today, yesterday, this month, last month, this year, last year... 

Journals now include an Ex ref column, which you can use to add more details about a journal.

The customer, supplier and nominal activity windows now include the department associated with the listed transactions.

Accounts Plus and Accounts Professional only: The Disputed Items window now displays transactions for the first account highlighted from a list of customers, which can be selected from either the Chase Debt or Customer List.

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