Sage Line 50 tutorial is designed for book-keeping software, in this blog we will teach you how to use this software. In sage line 50 blog you will learn about how to install and operate Sage Line 50 and how to install on network.

SageCover Services

SageCover services are designed for your business, developed to help you run your business more efficiently, more effectively and more confidently.

Much more than an advice line, you'll find that SageCover is a practical business support tool that helps you find exactly what you need to know. If you're looking for even more support, SageCover Extra provides a whole host of additional benefits, designed to keep your business competitive and efficient.

We've highlighted the differences throughout this article. Technical advisors can help by telephone, email or through remote access to your computerThere's an online library of business reports and guides, plus jargon-free answers to software queriesPractical tools help you carry out specific business tasks, from interviewing staff to writing a business planIt keeps you up to date with business news, legislation and Sage software through magazines and email alertsThere's support at key moments in the financial yearIt provides a data repair service, plus discounts on customised reports and software upgradesWhether it's software, business news or legislation, we keep your business up to date and running smoothly. All the help you need, when you need it.

Further support for Sage 50 Payroll
SageCover customers now have inclusive access to Sage HR Advice (Standard). It gives you access to a comprehensive package of online information, news, documents and guides to ensure you keep up to date on HR Management issues and changes in Employment Law.

One critical time of year is Payroll Year End. All SageCover Payroll customers will receive a Sage Payroll software update plus information on tax changes, to help ensure your Sage Payroll software is ready for the new tax year. Step-by-step instructions guide you through the actions you need to take. A dedicated Payroll Year End website contains answers to common questions, plus downloads for the Internet Submission module.

To purchase your SageCover please contact us on 0345 293 7793 or email

SageCover or SageCover Extra? You choose. All of the features described in this brochure are included with SageCover Extra. If you don't need them all, choose SageCover.

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