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Sage 50 to mySQL

I am getting alot of requests lately in exporting data from Sage to mySQL as an automatic process. I now have a beta running and would like to invite anyone who needs this functionality to please get in touch. This will extract all Sage 50 data on a schedule you determine. This will enable you to export the data to either a local/network or even Internet hosted copy of mySQL.

The reason for doing this is two-fold;

I have customers with large datasets starting to encounter performance issues (they are on the verge of outgrowing Sage 50)

There were customers having issues getting the server part of the Sage 50 for iPhone solution configured. Now there will be a central secure repository (at where this application will export your data and the iphone app will connect to this site with your credentials to allow you to view your Sage data on the go.

Of course with the data in a full relational database there are all sorts of possibilites in terms of integration/customisation!

Just send an email to mysqlbeta at


Accounting Shield said...

could you send a copy of this utility to me at please?

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