Sage Line 50 tutorial is designed for book-keeping software, in this blog we will teach you how to use this software. In sage line 50 blog you will learn about how to install and operate Sage Line 50 and how to install on network.

Sage Cover

Sage Cover - Complete support for your business

Telephone Support
Just call us to talk with our friendly team of over 350 experts. They're based in the UK and are ready to smooth your progress through tasks or help you explore the software's possibilities. And we promise, no jargon. Just talking you through in language you'll understand.

Email Support
Tackling something that's hard to explain over the phone? Working late? You can email your question to us at a time that suits you. We'll work to find the right answer while you get on with business. Usually we can provide you an answer the next working day.

Ask Sage online database
When you're asking: "I wonder how...?" check out our jargon-free answers to 6,000 questions about Sage software. Ask Sage is our flexible online FAQ database that covers everything from getting started, through general day-to-day tasks, to more detailed advice on a range of business issues.

Data Repair & recovery service
We hope it never happens, but if you do lose important Sage data or need it repaired, our team can help get things back on track. One of our in-house experts will do their best to retrieve or repair your data.

Payroll Year End Guide
If you're a Sage 50 Payroll customer we'll show exactly what to do and how to do it at Payroll Year End (PYE), from software updates to new tax parameters. We'll send you a PYE pack containing everything you need and we've got a dedicated PYE website that will guide you through all the essentials.

Sage HR Advice
For Sage 50 Payroll users our online HR Advice service (RRP £130) helps you make sense of employment law and how it relates to your business. From applicants and interviews through to redundancy and retirement, Sage HR Advice will show you the best way to handle everything about your people.

Regular Software Updates
Regular software updates will make sure you're up to speed with all the latest legislation, ensuring your business stays on the right side of the law and steers clear of any costly fines.

Business News
Our online business library contains hundreds of searchable documents with top tips and advice on growing your business, corporate branding, data protection, renting premises and much more. There are also daily news updates on a broad range of topics.

Solutions Magazine
We'll send you our quarterly Solutions magazine to give you the low down on the latest business news, issues & debate. It's packed with information, time-saving hints and tips from our team of experts.

Exclusive discounts
Receive up to 20% off our software and services, including 20% off additional Sage 50 Accounts user & company licenses.

SageCover Extra

New & improved SageCover Extra 
SageCover Extra includes all the benefits of SageCover plus more. It's a truly premium support service - giving you priority access to our experts & ensuring your software is always up-to-date with the latest version & legislation changes.

Free Software Upgrades
As a SageCover Extra customer we'll send you the latest version of your software as soon as it's released - free of charge. You can download & install it straight away, making sure that your software is completely up-to-date, legislatively compliant and that you'll be among the first to take advantage of all the new features and benefits.

Remote Support Direct to your screen - New! (Sage 50 Accounts SageCover Extra customers only)
Now, when you call us for support, our technicians can remotely access your PC and walk you through what needs to be done & answer your queries quickly and easily.

Priority Telephone Support - New! (Sage 50 Accounts SageCover Extra customers only)
When you call us simply enter your SageCover Extra serial number and we'll connect you to our most experienced technicians automatically - making sure you're getting the best possible help and advice.

Online Webinars and Library - New! (Sage 50 Accounts SageCover Extra customers only)
Login to view demonstrations of our software online by our expert technicians, covering a range of the most popular topics chosen by you - helping you to make the most of your software.

Sage Health & Safety Advice
Sage 50 Accounts & Sage 50 Payroll users can access our Sage Health & Safety Advice service.  You'll be able to access online guidance including over 1,000 common procedures, step-by-step guides, letters, policies and forms for you to use in your business.

Business Toolkits
It's not just the day-to-day stuff we can help with. Because we talk to people in businesses like yours every day, we've developed special tools that can help you. From Benchmarker, Planner, Cost calculator and Financial Checker for Sage 50 Accounts users to Personality Profiler, Interview Guide and Development Analysis for Sage 50 Payroll.

Free Reports for your business
Sage 50 Accounts customers can request three customised reports per year, and Sage 50 Payroll customers can download our three most popular specialised reports per year. Plus, all SageCover Extra members get our most popular report free of charge every month.

Even more savings
As a SageCover Extra member we want to offer you the very best deals on our software and services.   You can get 10% off any of our Sage Stationery range and 20% off your first Customised Stationery order. Plus, Sage 50 Accounts users get 30% off additional users & companies and Sage 50 Payroll users get 20% off additional users, companies & employees.

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