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Sage P11D 2011 now available

Legislation and other changes applicable from 6th April 2010

High Rate tax percentage increased to 50% (incl. PSA report)Company car fuel legislation rates updatedCompany car legislation rates updatedCompany car fuel benefit charge appropriate percentage is increased to £18,000Company car appropriate percentage for electric cars down to 0%Removal of list price limit of £80,000Electric vans are now included with a separate charge of £0Fuel benefit charge is increased to £550Official rate of interest for loans made in pound sterling is reduced to 4%Official rate of interest for accommodation benefits who cost exceeds £75,000 is reduced to 4%P11D, P9D, P11D(b) and P46(Car) forms updated and approved by HMRC for 2010/11 tax yearInternet Submission schema rules updated for 2010/2011 tax year

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